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What's in the Toolkit?

  • 1

    GPT Prompt Library

    Proven to deliver 3-5x increase in positive replies, tested in 1000s of cold email campaigns.

  • 2

    Custom Prompt Builder

    Use this for any business in any niche. Create your own prompts for relevent highly personalized cold emails.

  • 3

    Cut & Paste Email Templates

    Quickly add AI personalized content to your cold email campaigns by copy and pasting these templates.

  • 4

    Video Walk Through Tutorials

    Skip the learning curve and implement the toolkit quickly with help from easy to follow video tutorials.

  • 5

    BONUS: Custom Software Script

    Effortlessly generate personalized email content at scale for fractions of a cent paid to OpenAI.

  • 6

    BONUS: Community Access

    Get immediate help if stuck and learn advanced cold email tactics from industry leaders.

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