A cold email lead generation service can be an excellent addition to your agency’s service offering. Offering such a service can help you differentiate yourself from the thousands of other agencies out there. It can also help you create recurring revenue and grow your business.

Have you recently considered offering cold email lead generation services to clients? If you have, you’re in luck because this type of service is one of the easiest to pitch and sell to clients.

We’ve prepared seven tips to help you improve your pitch and sign more contracts for cold email lead generation.

A cold email lead generation campaign can be set up in one day and can provide results within a week. The entire process consists of four steps:

1) Create email sequence – You’ll create the email sequence that will be used to generate leads and have it approved by the client.

2) Find prospects – You’ll gather a list of prospects that you’ll use for your lead generation campaign.

3) Send emails – The next step involves using Wavo or a similar service to run the campaign.

4) Deliver leads – Finally, you’ll deliver warm leads to the client’s inbox so that their sales team can take over and convert the leads.

Make sure to specify that you’ll be providing them with warm leads that are interested in what the client has to offer and that these leads can be converted more easily than leads from other sources such as social media or content marketing.

Explain to the client that they will get a positive return on their investment within the first month of using the service and demonstrate to them how much profit you could generate for them just within the first month.

Most businesses have many things going on at the same time, and they’re rarely looking to purchase a service that needs a lot of input or effort on their part. That’s why it’s important that you explain to the client just how low-maintenance your service is.

The less effort your service requires of the client, the easier it will be to sell it. Make sure to let the client know how your cold email lead generation service requires no input from them. In essence, the client only needs to do two things:

1) Approve email sequence – After you create an email sequence, the client will need to review and approve it to make sure that it fits their brand voice.

2) Provide email address – Cold email lead generation works best if the email sequence is sent from the client’s company email address. Your client will need to provide you with an email address tied to their domain (e.g., outreach@companyname.com).

Explain that you’ll be relieving them from having to generate leads themselves, allowing them to focus on providing their customers with the best product or service they can.

Agencies lack transparency and try to obscure how they do what they do. Try to be different by being completely transparent about your process, results, and pricing.

Let the client know how you’re going to generate leads and exactly how much you’re going to charge them for the service. You should provide an insight into everything you’re doing for the client. This will be very easy to do if you’re using Wavo’s white label dashboard.

When it comes to pricing, you should consider charging a fixed per-lead rate so that clients can know what to expect when it comes to paying for your services. You can also opt for charging a monthly retainer fee. Whichever type of pricing you choose for your service, make sure to be completely transparent about all the associated costs.

Clients are mostly interested in how much money you can make for them. Thus, you should focus on showing clients how much profit they can make by using your service.

Create a video or a presentation to demonstrate just how much return on their investment you can provide. Take into account the average lifetime value of the client’s customers and compare it with how much you’re charging them for a lead to make them understand how much profit they can expect from using your cold email lead generation service.

Compare the ROI of other services such as SEO or social media marketing with the average ROI generated by cold email generation to help your client understand how using your service is a better investment. Show them how much more profit they could generate if they invested more of their marketing dollars into cold email lead generation.

Many agencies fail to back up their claims and results with concrete data. To convince your clients of the profitability of your service, you need to provide data on how many leads you can generate, and at what rate you expect the leads to convert.

If possible, show the client related case studies or industry reports to help them understand how much leads generated through cold email are actually profitable.

To gain their trust, be completely upfront about all the results they can expect and don’t try to present a false picture of how your lead generation efforts will perform.

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Most agencies don’t take the time to personalize their pitch for each specific client, but rather send the same pitch to all their clients. This makes it hard to sell services.

It’s crucial that you don’t use a generic pitch. Instead, personalize your pitch for each new client. Research the client’s industry and find some industry-specific examples that you can use to explain to your client how they can benefit from your service. Use industry lingo to show that you understand their industry and speak their language.

During your pitch, focus on the ROI that you can bring to the client instead of talking about vanity metrics.

Clients might be wary of using your service because they don’t understand how lead generation works. If that’s the case, you’ll need to educate your clients on how you generate leads with cold email and explain why leads generated in such a way are more profitable for them.

Show them every step of the lead generation process to remove any doubts that they might have. If possible, prepare a video that explains the process in full detail. Since most people are visual learners, your client will probably have an easier time understanding the process if they watch a video about it.

Apart from creating a video or presentation, prepare some additional resources for the client so that they can further research lead generation on their own if they wish to do so.

By explaining your entire process to the client, you’ll not only make them feel more comfortable about using your service but also build trust and show your expertise.

Cold email lead generation is one of the most profitable services an agency can offer. It’s also one of the easiest services to pitch to clients.

To improve your chances of getting clients to sign up for your lead generation service, let them know how quickly you can generate results for them. Explain the entire process to them and let them know that you can run the entire campaign entirely without their input, freeing their time so that they can focus on more important things.

Win your clients over by being completely transparent about the lead generation process, the results clients can expect, as well as the associated costs. Demonstrate what kind of ROI the clients can expect when using your service.

Compare your lead generation service to other marketing services the client is currently using and let them know why lead generation will provide them with the best return on their investment.

Prepare lead generation case studies and industry reports to help your clients understand the effectiveness of lead generation. Research the client and their market to understand the intricacies of their industry so that you can create a personalized pitch that will show your client that you’re the perfect agency to help their business.

If the client has a hard time understanding your lead generation process and how it can benefit them, create an educational video or presentation for them that will explain the entire process. If necessary, prepare additional, external resources that the client can refer to for more information.

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