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Hi There! I’m Anton, one of the founders of Wavo.

About 5 years ago, I finally got traction and started thriving with my digital agency. It’s all because I started delivering a service that no other agency was. I’ve documented the entire process and everything I learned in the 19 page Outbound as a Service guide. You’ll be able to skip 6 months of trial and error while I show you how to copy what I’ve done for free!

Most digital agencies are all offering the same services, so it’s hard to stand out. If you offered a unique service that clients needed, it would be much easier to grow your agency, right?

It’s hard to sign up new clients when they can’t tell what makes your agency different. Every agency is pitching the same services, the only difference is how much they charge. That’s why most agencies stall, can’t grow and are surviving on referrals.

I compiled 5 years of experience to put together this 19 page Outbound as a Service guide. With it you can learn to offer a service that sets you apart from 95% of other digital agencies. Now you can finally grow your agency and make it a success. Remember why you became an entrepreneur? Make that dream a reality.

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Why would I create this guide and then give it away for free? Because I want to teach you to offer Outbound as a Service and I hope that you’ll use our software to deliver it. We only get to keep you as a user if you’re successful, so we’re motivated to make sure you succeed. (FYI we hate spam and will keep your information safe.)

This week, we’ll include our One Two Punch cold email framework when we send you the guide. With the framework you’ll be able to write cold email sequences that get a ton of positive responses. You’ll have what you need to start delivering Outbound as a Service and grow your agency. After Friday at Midnight you can still download the guide, but you won’t get the cold email framework.

If for some reason you regret meeting us and decide you don’t want to learn anything else, let us know. We’ll delete your information and you’ll never hear from us again.

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I truly hope this guide and framework help you reach that next level.



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