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Experience the potential of AI-powered cold email.


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Dive deeper into AI customization and access our contact database.



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Optimize every aspect of your cold email campaigns at scale.

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Cost Per Sending Account


$2 / account

$2 / account

Generative AI

Customize prompts for personalized messaging

Chain prompts for enhanced relevance

Generate text at cost using OpenAI API

Multi Channel Campaigns

Industry leading cold email

Email warmup

Rotating sending IPs & Server obfuscation

Custom & Dynamic tracking URLs

LI messaging campaigns

Trigger LI actions from email activity

Message open profiles

A / B Testing

Scale a single campaign with multiple senders

List Building

Extract up to date prospect info from Linkedin




Integrate your favourite email finder

Enrich contacts free from our database




ChatGPT / OpenAI

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do additional email sending accounts cost for each plan?
  • Ripple: Included in the plan.
  • Crest: $2 per email sending account per month.
  • Tsunami: $2 per email sending account per month.
What does "Unlimited AI customizations" mean?

This feature allows you to utilize our generative AI to personalize your cold emails. The number of fields indicates how many specific data points you can customize within a single campaign.

Is there a difference between "Contacts Scraped" and "Unlimited Imported Contacts"?

Yes. “Contacts Scraped” refers to the number of LinkedIn (LI) profiles you can extract details from using our tool, while “Unlimited Imported Contacts” means you can add as many contacts to the system as you wish from external sources.

How can I save on email credits with your database?

Our Crest and Tsunami plans offer exclusive access to our contact database, which can potentially reduce the number of email credits you consume from third party email finders when building prospect lists.

What does "Custom Feature Requests" entail in the Tsunami plan?

We value our Tsunami users’ feedback and needs. This feature allows them to request specific functionalities or adjustments to our tool, and we’ll prioritize their implementation.

Can I switch between plans if my needs change?
Absolutely! You can upgrade or downgrade your subscription anytime as your business needs evolve.
Is there any long-term commitment or contract?
Our plans are flexible and designed to cater to your needs. While there’s no long-term contract, we offer both monthly and annual subscription options which might come with additional benefits.
What kind of support can I expect with these plans?
All our users receive strategic support from our seasoned team, ensuring you get the most out of Wavo regardless of the plan you choose.
How do you ensure the deliverability and safety of my cold emails?
Wavo uses rotating sender IPs and advanced server techniques to ensure high deliverability. We also auto-block ongoing conversations and duplicate contacts to prevent unintentional outreach.
Can I integrate Wavo with other tools I'm already using?

Absolutely! We offer API and Webhooks for custom integrations and connect with thousands of tools via Zapier. Plus, we have native integrations with ChatGPT and popular email finders.

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