A Branded Tool for Your Clients - Without the Development Cost

Increase your value. Build recurring revenue. Fast-track your growth.

Wavo is the only cold email tool that gives you 100% white-labeled features to wow your clients over and over again.

  • Customize logo and colour scheme to fit your brand so your clients never know Wavo exists
  • Access your white-labeled Wavo platform via your own domain using a CNAME
  • Keep your clients secure with a dynamic SSL certificate
  • Empower your clients to add cold email accounts and access reporting features

Give Your Clients the Best Deliverability

Your clients want results. Their cold emails need to be read.

Wavo provides maximum results for your clients – and ensures emails make it to a contact’s inbox.

  • Automatically rotate through an unlimited number of custom unsubscribe URLs
  • With wildcard subdomains, each contact gets a unique unsubscribe URL to increase deliverability
  • Set different sending schedules and daily limits for each campaign

Complete Control Over Every Client Account

Clients can easily access your branded version of Wavo.

But you retain full control over every feature.

  • Change permissions to edit or read-only for specific clients
  • Your clients can connect the email accounts they want to use for cold email campaigns
  • Limit how many cold email accounts each client can add
  • Clients can add their own suppression list by specific email addresses or entire domains

Automate Repetitive Tasks Using Zapier

Wavo works great on its own, but you don’t need to stop there.

With the Zapier integration, you can automate agency tasks beyond cold email.

  • Create client accounts when payments are made
  • Trigger actions when a contact replies to an email, like adding them to your client’s CRM or creating a task in Trello
  • Use the STOP Contact and ADD Contact actions based on triggers in other apps
  • Use triggers like Contact Replied, Campaign Paused, Email Opened, Link Clicked, and more

Are you an agency looking for a white-label solution to stand out from your competition?

Automatically Detect Client Authentication Errors

Wavo automatically detects problems with client email authentication. One less task for you to handle.

Add a New Revenue Stream to Your Business

Use Wavo to productize a cold email based service or resell it as your own SaaS tool. It's a business in a box!

Help is a Quick Chat Message Away

When you succeed, we succeed! Use the chat feature available on every page of your dashboard and we’ll be in touch.

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