Send Cold Emails at Scale with Minimal Effort

With Wavo, you no longer need to do the grunt work of cold outreach – just focus on what you do best.

Every member of your team can 10x their efforts, eliminating the need for a bigger sales team.

  • Send cold emails and follow ups automatically until a response is received
  • Choose between in-thread follow ups or starting a new thread
  • Automatically detect replies, auto-replies and bounces
  • Handle replies within Wavo or your email client
  • Forward replies to another email account

Import Contacts in a Single Click

Easily bulk-add contacts by importing a CSV file – or manually add contacts one by one in the contact management system.

Add custom merge fields and seamlessly integrate them in your email copy. Wavo turns cold email into a personal experience – for you and your contacts.

  • Add unlimited custom fields to your contacts
  • Easily import contacts into any campaign
  • Spend less time cleaning your list: duplicate contacts are automatically detected
  • Download, fix, and re-upload broken contacts

Customize Sending Times Down to the Minute

Choose exactly when emails go out, and at what interval. Set it once and forget it.

Let Wavo automatically handle the outreach and follow-up for you.

  • Add as many contacts as you want to a given campaign daily
  • Set interval of days between follow-ups
  • Randomly send cold emails between custom intervals to simulate human activity
  • Block off dates when no emails should be sent out
  • Limit total number of emails sent per cold email account per day to stay out of the spam box

Optimize by A/B Testing Everything

Stop the guesswork when it comes to campaign optimization.

Wavo empowers you with the data you need to succeed.

  • Split test email copy, subject lines, and sending times
  • Test various delivery schedules to find the optimal outreach time for your contacts
  • View your results in a user-friendly dashboard

Get the Best Deliverability

Your cold emails deserve to be read.

Wavo ensures your emails make it to your contacts’ inboxes.

  • Automatically rotate through an unlimited number of custom unsubscribe URLs
  • With wildcard subdomains, each contact gets a unique unsubscribe URL to increase deliverability
  • Set different sending schedules and daily limits for every campaign

Integrate with Any App Using Zapier

Wavo works great on its own, but you don’t need to stop there.

With our Zapier integration, you can connect Wavo to your CRM or any other app in your workflow.

  • Trigger actions when a contact replies to your cold email, such as adding them to your CRM or creating a task in Trello
  • Use the STOP Contact and ADD Contact actions based on triggers in other apps
  • Use triggers like Contact Replied, Campaign Paused, Email Opened, Link Clicked, and more

Easy to Read Robust Reporting

Keep improving every campaign with insightful data. Track positive responses and unsubscribes by time of day, weekday or email version.

  • Detect bottlenecks with open and click tracking
  • Track queued, contacted and replied contacts
  • Tag responses as positive, neutral, or negative

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