ChatGPT for Cold Email Toolkit

Tools and resources to unlock near-perfect inbox placement, unparalleled email relevance and 3-5x more positive replies.

Tools & Resources

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Overview of the cold email toolkit, addressing modern challenges, opportunities for success, and the importance of personalization in scaling email campaigns.

  • Toolkit Overview: Explore the contents and features of the cold email toolkit.
  • Challenges and Opportunities: Understand the current obstacles in sending cold emails and the potential gains from using the toolkit effectively.
  • Personalization and Scaling: Learn why personalization is crucial and why many face difficulties in scaling their cold email efforts.

Discover the essentials of the GPT prompt library, including its uses, prompt customization, and example outputs.

  • GPT Prompt Library Overview: Quick insight into its functionality.
  • Prompt Types & Customization: Understanding and tailoring system and user prompts.
  • Real-World Examples: Demonstrations of the resulting outputs.

Download: Personalization at Scale Prompt Library

Learn about the custom prompt builder, its functions, how to craft your own prompts, and adapt them for your business needs, all demonstrated with practical examples.

  • Exploring the Custom Prompt Builder: An overview of what it is and how it operates.
  • Prompt Formulas and Adaptation: Learn the structured approach for each prompt and how to modify them for your specific business context.
  • Practical Examples: View demonstrations showcasing the creation of a variety of prompts.

Download: Any Niche Custom Prompt Builder

This video shows you how to use ready-made email templates that work well with the prompt library, helping you create many personalized cold emails with mostly generated content.

  • Introduction to Email Templates: Overview of ready-to-use templates for quick implementation.
  • Integration with Prompt Library: Learn how these templates seamlessly work with the prompt library for efficient customization.
  • Creating Customized Cold Emails: Guidance on generating a vast array of personalized emails, with 70-80% of the content tailored to each recipient.

Download: Cut & Paste Email Templates

Bonuses & Extras 🎁

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Learn how to use a custom PHP script to generate unlimited personalized cold email sentences, including connecting it to ChatGPT, inputting prompts, and running it on your PC.

  • Using the Custom PHP Script: An introduction to the script for generating personalized email content.
  • Integration with ChatGPT: Step-by-step guidance on connecting the script to ChatGPT.
  • Customization and Execution: Instructions on entering your own prompts and how to run the script on your PC.

Download: PHP script

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